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Deco Belle Global Jewelry Archive Page
Monday, October 29, 2007

Extremely rare, our Zebra pendant collection exhibits fine contrast between clear lemon and solid black/brown Amber from the shores of the merchant city of Gdansk.

Each piece is cut to enhance the dramatic contrast in colors while making the best use of the Amber gem.

View our remaining Zebra pendant online, the other two sold out quickly after being added to the website.

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Sunday, October 28, 2007
The Amber Deco Luxe collection is only high grade Baltic Amber, expect nothing less from Deco Belle.

This collection was hand selected Baltic Amber from the Amber capital of the world in Gdansk, Poland, previously known as Danzig, Poland. This is our finest collection yet.

The genuine Baltic Amber at Deco Belle is unique, meaning that only one of each item exists in the world, unless they are sterling silver cast jewelry.

Cast jewelry means that Amber pieces of similar size and color are cut and shaped alike are inserted in a silver cast, usually in the form of links.

An example would be our
Windsor collection. Deco Belle believes this is an exquisite collection, and brought a few of each type of this back from Poland.

The one-of-a kind jewelry is actually designed around the gem with respect to its size, shape, color, and inclusions.

Included in this collection: Intaglio, Cameo, lockets, zebra Amber,
Cognac, Honey, Lemon, Butterscotch Baltic Amber, and more!

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Having traveled through 6 continents, we here at Deco Belle see jewelry from all over the world as a sweet way to accessorize on a daily basis.

This can mean a Millacreli art glass ring, with Amazon seed earrings, paired with a Baltic Amber necklace. It's a beautiful world!

At DecoBelle.com, we keep up to date on the latest Millacreli and Millefori Murano art glass releases as well as bringing innovative, unique, on-of-a kind Baltic Amber sterling silver jewlery designs and more!

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by: Deco Belle Inc. 0 Comments
Deco Belle is actively publishing blogs to keep you updated on:

Marcasite care
Millacreli care
Millefiori jewelry care
925 sterling silver care

and why a Rhodium finish keeps your jewelry tarnish free! Check out our blogs to see the latest articles.

Also, lots of new Millacreli jewelry items to be added soon! Technorati Profile

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007
At Deco Belle, we offer a collection of jewelry from around the world. One of our new additions is a Tibetan silver bracelet.

This Sanskrit Om Mani Padma Hum solid silver adjustable cuff bracelet has two small Turquoise gemstones on either side of the inscription and a beautifully detailed dragon inscription on underside.

In Tibetan Buddhism, Om or Ohm is the sound of the universe, it is believed that everything starts from Ohm.

View more of our Tibetan and Himalayan gemstone silver jewelry in our Himalaya section.

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by: Deco Belle Inc. 0 Comments
Both of these images are of the same ring!

Artisan crafted incised intaglio
artwork is featured our one of a kind, sterling silver Amber ring. Intaglio is negative or reverse image-making in gemstone jewelry.

Even though an artisan may craft two intaglio rings, in the same design, style, in a similar color piece of Amber, each is unique as it is entirely hand crafted.

This is a very painstaking process, as there are very few artisans working in intaglio this being one of the hardest challenges for any gemstone carver to achieve 3D quality.

The combination of a highly developed artistic ability, craft skill and many years of experience are needed to be able to create such elaborate flowers.

This Intaglio carving is set in 925 sterling silver and only at Deco Belle.

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by: Deco Belle Inc. 0 Comments
Tuesday, October 16, 2007
The pieces in our Afghan jewelry collection are authentic vintage tribal Turkoman jewelry.

This Afghani turkmen jewelry is kept within a family for generations, then bartered.

These pieces are not perfect and they illustrate age and wear as they are held in a family for generations.

The Turkomans keep part of their wealth in the form of silver jewellery, which was an important part of the dowry of women.

Our Afghani jewellery in this collection is therefore, one of a kind, unique!

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by: Deco Belle Inc. 0 Comments
Though our Deco Belle Millacreli rings are crafted of 925 nickel free sterling silver and Murano glass, please remember that they are still fragile and to be handled with care.

Impacts, exposure to water, and such may compromise the bond between the glass top and the adhesion to the ring. The special glue used to hold the glass top to the ring frame may not hold up to water exposure.

Here at Deco Belle, our founder has worn her multi color Millacreli ring nearly every day for a year and a half, dropped it several times when taking the ring off to show a curious passerby (even on concrete and hardwood floors!), and it has sustained no damages, completely intact and unscratched.

The Millacreli ring has never been polished as it is nickel free, and rhodium plated. It is as shiny as the day it was purchased! But care to minimize exposure to water and avoid hard impact has been taken.

Shop with confidence with our low price gurantee!

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