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Deco Belle Global Jewelry Archive Page
Sunday, February 24, 2008
We're enjoying Etienne Daho's new album, L'invitation. Etienne Daho has enjoyed worldwide acclaim as the avant-garde artist who represents French pop. His extensive repertoire is likened to that of Madonna, in the 1990's he broadened his range to include American influences. He is noted for his characteristic whispering manner.

Such is the admiration in France for this artist, that celebrated musicians such as Benjamin Biolay, Coralie Clement, and Daniel Darc, have recorded a tribute album, "Tombes pour Daho", compromising of 15 songs, rearranged covers. The album drops tomorrow, February 25th.

Touring for the L'invitation album begins next month in Europe. Deco Belle global jewelry keeps you up to date with fresh world music, art, lit, film, and news in culture.

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Grass Museum: The Amber Capital of Gdansk, Poland is soon to dedicate a museum to a famous son, Nobel Prize winning author, Gunther Grass.

The writer and artist has donated 150+ lithographs, sculptures, and graphic artwork for the permanent exhibit.

Gdansk, or The Free City of Danzig, as it was known at the time of his birth in 1927, is so close to his heart, that last year he celebrated his 80th birthday in Gdansk. He has often written about this lovely city.

Best known internationally for his novel, “The Tin Drum” (Die Blechtrommel), Mr. Grass currently resides in West Berlin, Germany. The museum, is to open in early 2009 at the latest.

In addition to world class writers and artists, Gdansk offers beautiful Baltic Amber jewelry in a vast array of colors and designs. Deco Belle has hand selected many one-of-a-kind, unique 925 sterling silver pendants, bracelets, ring, necklaces and earrings. Peruse our wonderful Polish Amber collection under the Poland section. Deco Belle, your source for jewelry from around the world!

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Friday, February 15, 2008

Marcasite jewelry is a beautiful display of vintage glamour from a bygone era. It evokes reminders of Art Deco jewelry and just flat out glamour.

In order to preserve your 925 sterling silver Marcasite jewellery, we at Deco Belle have written the following article to keep your Marcasite rings, Marcasite earrings, pendants, bracelets, and necklaces looking gorgeous.

Marcasite stones can fall out of their settings if not cared for properly by avoiding exposure to water and high impacts such as dropping them on counters and such. This is because Marcasite is usually bonded to its setting with a special glue instead of with prongs (as would be used in diamonds and larger gemstones). The very nature of Marcasite (iron pyrite) with small stones, make it difficult to set in prongs.

Over time, especially due to water exposure, the bonding agent may weaken. For this very reason it is important to remove Marcasite jewelry every time there would be water exposure that could cause the jewelry to become wet, such as removing the jewelry before showering, washing dishes, swimming, entering a hot tub or taking part in any other activity that could cause it to be submerged in water.

High heat can also cause the Marcasite stones to become loose and should be avoided.
This type of jewelry should never be cleaned in an ultra sonic jewelry cleaner as the stones may easily become loose.

Instead, Deco Belle suggests carefully cleaning Marcasite jewelry with a soft, jewelry cleaning cloth, being careful to not loosen the small Marcasite stones. Find our silver cleaning cloths in the accessories section of our website. We at Deco Belle hope that this article can help you preserve your glamorous Marcasite jewels as best as possible.
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