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Deco Belle Global Jewelry Archive Page
Sunday, June 22, 2008
Congratulations to Emma Fletcher of indie label Lyell, winner of an Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation award. She's been creating Art Deco collections since 2004, her designs have consistently been inspired by nostalgia for the way craftsmanship of times ago, namely that each piece should be made to last with quality fabrics and stitching.

Hailing from Sydney, this designer used to accompany her mother to antique stores and flea markets, this would make her into a sleeper hit among Hollywood actresses. Fletcher proudly says, "My clothes have always had a vintage feeling, but they've been modernized for fall - it's more grown up".

Deco Belle carries Art Deco inspired jewelry, with a contemporary edge. Luminous Mother of Pearl, Marcasite, Onyx, Abalone, Baltic Amber, Designo by Alan K, Topaz, Garnet, Carnelian, Cubic Zirconia, CZ, Turquoise, Coral, art nouveau, and more retro moderne jewelry at Deco Belle global jewelry at your fingertips!

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Futuristic buildings, integration with agriculture, retail, infrastructure and more, fall brings us the 11th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice.

The Biennale is an occasion for big name architects to showcase their new projects and give new, emerging artists a spotlight on the global architecture stage. (Images courtesy of La Biennale)

Venice is home to innovative designs and beautiful Italian craftsmanship, such as our Murano glass jewelry collections. Millacreli rings are hand crafted with 925 sterling silver and Venetian Murano art glass. These two elements are seamlessly integrated to create a unique jewelry piece.

Our Designo collection is crafted with colored resin that is scratch resistant, and 925 sterling silver and anti-tarnish rhodium to give each piece a brilliant platinum like finish.

Deco Belle carries the largest selection of Millefiori earrings, Millacreli pendants, Designo rings, Millacreli rings, Designo cuffs and bracelets, Millefiori cross, butterfly, heart, star, animal pendants, and more!

Shop with confidence with our low price guarantee.

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Saturday, June 21, 2008
The green fairy is now legal in the United States! Absinthe, the wormwood (long believed to be a hallucinogenic) and anise spirit with its unusual glowing green color and flames abound, is now not only sold in bottle form, but one can make their own lollipop version with our handy DIY link below.
(Image courtesty of Alandia)

This mysterious spirit was rumored to drive belle époque artisans mad, numerous artists and writers living in the late 19th and early 20th century featured absynthe in their works, even adding the addictive liquid in with their paints.

Famous absinth drinkers were Vincent van Gogh, Henri Toulouse-Lautrec (of Moulin Rouge fame), Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway, and Edouard Manet (not to be confused with Claude Monet, a painter from the same era, we don't want to start Absinthe drinking rumors). Such a part of life was represented in Edouard Manet's The Absitnthe Drinker painting. With its association with bohemian culture, absinthe prohibition became the target of social conservatives of that time. (Photo by Eric Litton)

The flame is a twist on the absinthe preparation ritual, though a special slotted spoon is often needed to produce the cloudy, milky effect.

We at Deco Belle found a Toulouse-Lautrec family crest spoon in this great shop in Berlin to complete the ritual in its entirity. Hermann was quite helpful with teaching us all about this mysterious liqueur. Wir lieben dieses Geschäft!

This intense colored spirit is portrayed as a dangerous drug. The chemical thujone, present in only small quantities, was blamed for its alleged harmful effects. Although absynth was vilified, no evidence has proven it to be more dangerous than ordinary liquors. A revival of absinth began in the 1990's in the European Union, with authorization of its manufacture and resale was, this after its nearly world wide ban in 1915.

Absinthe tastings are in style as this drink is legally distributed for the first time in a century, people are curious as to what the hype is about. You can enjoy your very own Absinthe lollypops yourself with this handy recipe, DIY absynthe lollipops!

La Fee Verte est retournée! DecoBelle.com global jewelry at your fingertips, with our fingers on the pulse on the good tasting world treats!

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Bennie and the Jets isn't just a popular Elton John song, it's also the name of a German rock band, who have given the name their own spin as Benny + The Jets

It's hip, refreshing, and cool though in full on Deustch and all, but we very much like their hit song, "Ich Liebe Alles An Dir". This song can be found on myspace.

They proudly declare "Of course, it’s no secret that many of the best songs are the product of lovesickness. In fact, we should almost be glad that so many hearts have been broken in the name of some of the greatest songs."

The group hails from Munich, but we are sure that this Bavarian foursome will be a hit world wide. Deco Belle has recently picked up some beautiful German earrings made with Swarovski Austrian crystals, which we will soon add to the www.DecoBelle.com website. Jewelry makers around the world use these crystals, from Thailand, to Mexico and in between. The German jewels that we brought back are distinctive in northern European design.

DecoBelle.com global jewelry keeps you up to date with fresh world music, art, lit, film, and news in culture.

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