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Deco Belle Global Jewelry
Wednesday, April 1, 2009
No sales tax across 50 states! Deco Belle Inc. will foot the bill for California sales tax for the month of April 2009.

Tax free in California, really? Well, technically of course, Californians will pay the sales tax (including the 1% increase that began today, April 1,
2009), but Deco Belle Inc. will pay for the cost difference. This combined with our SALE items, free shipping across the USA, and free gift wrap, is quite a deal!

Non-California residents, and deliveries made outside of the state of California are not subject to sales tax, therefore the other 49 states and ou
r international customers have enjoyed tax free purchases from our store.

Beginning 04/01/09, California residents, and those purchases delivered to the state of California, will have a 1% increase to current sales tax rates. To offset the migration of out of state sales, we are are doing our part to help keep tax revenue in our state by offering tax free sales in California. Technically of course, sales tax will be paid, as when taxes are due, they are due and there is no way of getting around it, the law is the law. So how can we offer no California sales tax to our residents? We lower the purchase price of each item at our expense so that when sales tax is added, the final total is the same final price that our out of the state and out of the country friends enjoy.

For example: Buying a $10.00 jewelry item will cost $10.00 total for anyone buying outside of California, or having it delivered to any of the other 49 states or country that we ship to. For California residents or shipments sent to California (from a buyer outside of the state) that purchase would normally cost $10.00 plus $0.98 in sales tax, bringing the total to $10.98.

For the month of April, Deco Belle Inc. Global Jewelry will lower the sales price at our own expense to California residents of deliveries to the state of California. In this example of $10.00, the sales price would be lowered to $9.11, we of course will add the sales tax as we are liable for
turning this revenue directly over to the state, adding $0.89 for sales tax, bringing the final total to $10.00. Deco Belle Inc. will in fact pay the $0.89 ourselves. Why are we doing this?, to help keep revenue within our state and do our part to boost the local economy.

Are California residents and shipments to Californians (ie customer is purchasing from out of state, but shipping to a California address as a gift)
getting a better deal than all of our out of state and out of the country customers, no, as the final sales price is the same for Californians, out of state, and out of the country. Deco Belle Inc. is paying the difference.

Shop Deco Belle Inc. for beautiful jewelry from around the world, from Venetian Murano hand blown glass, Paris hand-painted enamel, Himalayan gemstone artisan handcrafted, Baltic Amber one-of-a-kind, Oceania shell, CZ high wattage bling at a low price, Art Deco inspired, to USA designed and handmade Gold and 925 Sterling Silver jewelry and more!

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by: Deco Belle Inc.

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