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Deco Belle Global Jewelry
Sunday, August 9, 2009
Jewelry from all over the world, rings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and more, it can be overwhelming (in a good way!). To that end, we've developed a guide with several different ways of navigating through our global jewelry website. We are more than happy to list ways to help you find your perfect gift. Of course, you may always contact us should you require assistance.

  1. Browse by region: On the left hand frame, The "Regions" section is listed in the middle, all jewelry is broken down by the region of origin (ie Afghanistan, Paris, Venice, USA, etc.).
  2. Browse by jewelry type: On the left hand frame, The "Shop by Type" is listed in the top, all jewelry is broken down by the type (ie rings, earrings, pendants).
  3. Browse via our Gift Finder pages: Browse by overall style such as Modern Elegance, Vintage Inspired, Tribal / Ethnic, and more. Please note that these are only suggestions as they do not contain our entire collection, we add so many new items that it's difficult to update each section.
  4. Breadcrumbs: On any item page, the top section will have "breadcrumbs" so that you may find your way back to the point of origin. An example is: This Coral Lapis Himalayan handcrafted pendant: "Home > Gift Finder > Tribal / Ethnic > Coral Lapis Turquoise pendant". If you would like to return to the "pendants" page in this section, just click on that word along the breadcrumb to take you back to the respective page.
  5. Our "Home" page can always be reached by clicking on the DecoBelle logo at the top left of any page.
  6. Bestsellers: Our top sellers. Please note that unique, one-of-a-kind items are moved directly to the out of stock pages once they are sold and completely skip the Bestsellers page.
  7. New Items: The latest arrivals are posted here. These items are also identified with the word "new" left of their title descriptions.
  8. Sale page: Close out items and soon to be discontinued jewelry are listed here.
  9. Shop by Price: Sort by price range.
  10. Search box: At the top right hand side of every page, you may type a search term in the white box and click on "Go". Common search terms within our store are "heart, butterfly, pink, ladybug, star, drop".
  11. You May Also Like: Listed toward the middle of any item page, suggestions of similar jewelry.
We hope that these suggestions aid in your navigation through the Deco Belle Inc. website, it's fun and easy to peruse.

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by: Deco Belle Inc.

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